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Aussie Author Guide to getting a ITIN or EIN

The Aussies Authors Guide to Getting an ITIN or EIN

I have to do what???

So, you are self publishing or an American publisher wants an ITIN and a W8-BEN.
First rule of thumb, don’t panic. I did and it did me no good. But thanks to my hubby, and his smart savvy mind. We got things sorted out.
The IRS and the ATO can be frustrating and seemingly complex. After helping other friends through the same process I’ve gone through, I decided to create this step by step guide.

1. ITN or EIN?
If you have a registered business here in Australia, then the easiest thing to do is get an EIN or Employment Identification Number from the IRS.
Hard? No. Just call this number, it is a direct line from Australia to the department you will need. 0011 126 79411099
Give them your name, address, phone number and answer a few more questions. Hold on for a minute then wham, they will give you and EIN.
But I don’t have a registered business.
2. Applying for an ABN is very simple, if you want to go down that path. For authors, I believe it helps at Aussie tax time to keep, to put your writing expenses, as a part of your ‘Author Name’ ABN

Fill in the form and within a few days you’ll have your shiny new number, then just go back to step one, and apply for your EIN.

So you don’t want an ABN. Okay, no problem, but if you don’t want the IRS to take 30% of your royalties then you will need an ITIN.
How to get one
1.    Download the form W7 from the IRS website
2.    Fill it in, if you have trouble just download the guide in how to fill it in.
3.    Once filled in you will need a few things to send along with it.
·         Copied certified identification ie. Passport, birth certificate ect. There is a list on the W7 guide from of acceptable ID that you can use. You can send your passport and the copy to the nearest local US consulate (at a cost around $50)
More info on getting things certified here
·         You need an original signed letter from your publisher.
(Ah yes, If you want to self publish refer back to the ABN and EIN part.)
Once you have all these things together, in a nice neat parcel. Form (Double and triple checked), correct ID, Letter from Publisher. Send it to the IRS the address is.
Internal Revenue Service
ITIN Operation
Mail Stop 6090-AUSC
3651 S. Interregional, Hwy 35
Austin, TX 78741-0000

Done that? Great now sit back have a cup of tea and wait.
Several weeks later…

You got it? Yay! Now your publisher wants a W8-BEN form

Not another form. Hey this one is way easier than getting am ITIN.
1.    Down load the Form
2.    Fill it in. if you need help Here are the instructions
Still don’t understand? Then here is an example of a filled in W8-BEN (this example is for SELF Publishing ONLY) https://images-na.ssl-images

All done, send it with a cover letter to your, publisher or place where you have self published.

Done! Take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back.

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