Saturday, April 23, 2011

Abducting Alice Review and others.

I want to start with thanking all the review sites who have taken the time to review my stories, and to thank all the readers who have or haven't enjoyed them also.

Whipped cream have reviewed Abducting Alice. I am happy with the rating they gave it, but what interested me more was the actual review itself. Full of rich detail and depth without giving anything away.

This of course set me thinking about my journey as an author.

I am aware Sci-fi stories (human female abduction ones) have been done to death. There is much cliche around the subject.

To be fair, when I wrote this very little tale, I had no idea what I was doing at the time. Only that I was passionate about romance and Sci-fi romance at that. I was also writing Blue Fire at the same time.

Since being accepted by publishers my learning curve as a writer has been a very steep one. I've joined writers clubs, and guilds. The support and learning I have received from the Melbourne Romance Writers Guild has been invaluable.

I write what I love, and feel. I think that showed through in Blue Fire and hopefully the soon to be released Stealing Fire andStealing Fire.

This is not in defense of any bad review. They can sting yes, but you have to take the bad with the good. Grow stronger or get grumpier.

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  1. Many writers I know don't ever look at their reviews for many of the reasons you just cited. The only reason I can see to look at the review is to take the information and look at it from a learning view point. However when one receives a fantastic review it feels incredible. When I have a review come in for one of my books, I usually stare at the address for many minutes before finally opening it.