Saturday, December 29, 2012

Beast Planet 2: Captive Salvation

Coming Soon
Beast Planet 2: Captive Salvation
Find out what happens next.

 Trapped in a cage and huddled in the corner, fear pulsing through my veins, my whole body trembled uncontrollably. I glanced down at my naked pregnant stomach. ‘Soon’ a mechanical voice echoed in the darkness. My belly deflated painfully and the wail of a baby’s cry pierced the air. The Druel walked past my cage with my baby clutched upside down in his three thick fingers. I saw my son’s pale skin and clear blue eyes, just like his father’s. A warm wetness reached my feet, soaking in between my toes I looked down and saw the floor coated in blood. My blood. 
Morrdrook, stood with a sword clutched in his hand, behind the Druel, fighting a Fraxi.
“Save him! Morrdrook, you have to save him!” I screamed.
The bars were suddenly gone and Morrdrook clutched me tight, “Aunna, Aunna…”
My eyes flew open; Morrdrook was gently shaking my shoulders. “Aunna, you have bad dreams, wake up.”
I blinked against the artificial lights, focusing on his face. Tendrils of the nightmare still clung to my mind as the fog of sleep lifted. Morrdrook pulled me tight to his chest, running a soothing hand back and forth over my back.
It was a dream, just a dream.
I drew in a shaky breath. “I’m okay. I’m awake.” I rested my head against his chest, drawing strength from his warmth, trying to will the last remnants of the dream from my mind.
“Want to talk about it?” Morrdrook stroked my face. I sighed at his softly spoken question. “Tell me, who did I need to save? Your words—save him.”
I swallowed, trying to gather more moisture in my mouth. Even though my pounding heart slowly started to calm, I couldn’t stop my body from trembling.
“I dreamed about our baby, and the Druel. They came and took our son.”
He was silent for a long moment, so I listened to the steady rhythm of his heart. “I will not let that happen, my Aunna. We are almost home and will talk about it later.”
I nodded and glanced down the line of Zakiu, most of them held their women in a similar fashion; cradled close in their arms, waiting for the ship to reach our destination.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Captive Surrender Now Available!

It's here, you can now get buy Beast Planet 1: Captive surrender at Amazon. Click on the link below.



God, my head ached, my mouth and throat were dry. I coughed and rolled over on the cold, metal floor. Just how much did I have to drink last night?
It took a moment for the memories to re-surface. Shit, the aliens, the metal octopus robots, the abductions and murders. I groaned, wishing for nothing more than a heavy hangover, the reality slowly sank in. I was being held captive by cruel aliens. I blinked a couple of times, but the cages were still there when I opened my eyes. The same, damn cages they put us in and Tammy lay curled by the bars near me. Slowly, I pushed myself up, shifting closer to her, trying to share my body heat. I shivered, my teeth chattering in the cold. The metal floor vibrated ever so slightly under my frozen ass.
My heart and mind were numb. Losing Sandy left a bitter, angry taste in my mouth. Sniffing, I struggled to hold back the tears, trying to focus. A helpless captive, yes, but growing up with three, rough, older brothers, I learned to be tough a long time ago. Still, nothing prepared me for aliens and being held naked in a cage.
I don’t know how long I lay there, staring into nothing. I glanced around, some of the other women stirred slightly.
Not that I was a seasoned space traveller, but no doubt we were on some kind of space craft. An octopus drone passed slowly by, before a chirpy kind of warbled chatter caught my attention. Behind the octopus drone, I caught my first sight of our captors.
I stared in disbelief, as the three foot, rounded aliens waddled down the aisle between the caged women. Beetle shaped bodies, short legs, with three tripod-like hoofs. Their arms were as long as their bodies, but had four thick fingers. A long mouth cut across the centre of their round, scaly, green heads. Gecko-like eyes bulged on top. Over their bug eyes sat a single, dark scaled, uni-eyebrow. Centred in the middle of their faces, were small almond slits I could only guess were their noses. A shiny, black and green, metallic armour covered the bulk of their bodies, with many different flashing gadgets attached to it.
One of them held a shiny object, which appeared like a tablet type of computer from earth. They stopped in front of my cage. I swallowed convulsively, choking down my fear. These strange, small, alien creatures held my life and those of all the women with me, in the palm, or rather scales of their hands.
It hit me when they pointed and tapped at their gadget, it wasn’t size that mattered, but the power of one's toys, spaceships and even robots. I doubt they lifted a finger, but to make their advanced gadgets.
My heart pounded in an erratic tattoo. Brave, I had to be brave. Ignoring my nakedness, I crawled forward towards the aliens. They shuffled around to stare at me. Their strange faces lacked expression, impossible to gauge their next movement. I could only hope and pray.
“Do you understand me?”
The first alien tapped its data pad. “We assimilated earth language before collection of the female species.” The device spoke in a droned voice.
“Who are you?”
He tapped the pad again. “We are the Galactic Supreme Rulers of Druel.”
“Why have you taken us?”
Species revival program.”
I frowned. What the hell did that mean? The Druel started to move away. I had to think quickly. I doubted they would stand there and answer all my questions, but I had to ensure our survival. Not just for myself, but for the other women still asleep in their cages.
“Wait, please, if you want us to survive, you need to turn up the heat, or give us something to cover our bodies. Otherwise we will freeze to death. We also need water.”
I clutched at the bars. The Druel paused, tapped its pad again, and then moved down the aisle and out of sight.
With a heavy sigh, I shuffled back into the corner of the cage. A few moments later the feel of warm air blowing into the holding area made me sit up. I gave a strangled laugh for the small mercy. An octopus robot zoomed up to my cage. One of its tentacles extended exposing a shiny, silver, oval shaped object. I scrambled forward and took it. Water sloshed over the rim.
“Thank you,” I called out. The robot zipped away. I sat back, taking a sip of water before cradling the rest. I didn't know if the Druel would be so generous later.
My mind milled over what little I had learned from my brief questions.
Species revival program’. I watched documentaries on the Discovery channel. Scientists trying to revive endangered animal species by breeding them in captivity, and then setting them free.
As far as I knew, humans were not an endangered species. It could only mean one thing… My breathing suddenly accelerated, and my limbs shook as the horrid thought hit me. “Holy shit.”
Worst case scenarios flashed through my mind. Oh God! My stomach struggled to suppress the urge to vomit. I thought about them implanting hell-knows-what into our wombs. My womb! They planned to breed us with some other species… or maybe even themselves.
I thought of Sandy, and how I was almost dead instead of her. I wrapped my arms around my legs, placing my head on my knees; tears dripped down my face and onto my legs.
What was worse? Being dead or facing what the Druel planned for us?

Friday, November 2, 2012

Beast Planet Part 1: Captive Surrender

Coming this November!

Captured from Earth, Anna is thrust into a world of heartless aliens, intent on using her as a breeding slave in order to save their prized fighting species on brink of extinction.

Morrdrook, a Zakiu gladiator slave, fights to win Anna in the arena.
With the choice of facing death or breeding with the Zakiu who won her, the last thing Anna expects is the heated passion aroused by Morrdrook's touch. He makes her body burn like she never dreamed possible.

As the fights in the arena grow more vicious and the pressure to fall pregnant more desperate, Morrdrook and Anna find solace in each others arms. Soon, their chance at freedom must come.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cosmic Bounty Sexy Sci-Fi Fun

Sexy Sci-fi fun.
Cosmic Bounty is out with Evernight Publishing.
She get's four guys, you gasp. Shocked? Naaah, c'mon, you wouldn't be considering reading it if you were. It's a light hearted fun book. So switch off your brain for a short while and enjoy.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Healing Fire Kingdom of Kell book 3

The third instalment from the Kingdom of Kell is here.

Healing Fire

We meet Melron, a warrior, from the first book Blue Fire. He has come to Earth to find a wife, only to be rejected more than once. Until events throw him into the path of one woman's moving car.
Available at Rouge Phoenix Press
and  Amazon

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Saving Sara - Warriors of Kelon 5

Well lovelies this is my last Kelon book - I've enjoyed writing all of them and Solron deserved his own special story. So without further delay here it is. Available at Amazon, Allromance, Bookstrand, and of course Whiskey Creek Press.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Love Unbound

Sometimes a story is so strong in my head, it won't let go until I've written it. Love Unbound was exactly like that. So now I am very proud to announce its release with Evernight Publishing. I hope my readers enjoy another of my little stories.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sexy Short for Sexy Dragons

Dragon Down Under: Two Plus One. Yeah, a play on words I know, but this story is a fun little sexy romp. And I do mean little. I'm not accustomed to writing really short stories, I think this one's come up rather well. Any rate, its now available at all the usual places. Whiskey Creek, Amazon, AllRomance, Bookstrand, and Fictionwise. Hope you enjoy my sexy snack.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

We Won!

I want to thank everyone who voted for Tiger Mine in the cover contest of the RWA. We won in the speculative fiction category. It was a bitter sweet moment for me, as I had learned, a moment before, of the passing of a beloved family member.

I want to also than Gemini Judson, my cover artist. It was a combined effort. I finding the pictures, and Gem artfully putting it all together.

Next item on the agenda shopping for a suitable frame to put the award in.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Contract Craziness

The world of publishing is not set in stone, especially when it comes to on-line publishers.
Recently I was offered a contract, after months of waiting, with Noble Romance. But recently the events with this publisher has taken a unsavoury turn. Luckily, I never signed any contract with them. Which left me with two MS' foot-loose and fancy free.
I decided to take a chance on a new emerging e-publishing company called Evernight Publishing. They have contracted one of my WIP, Love Unbound. I look forward to working with this company.
As for the other one, I've sent it one of my current Publishers. If accepted would make contract count up to 17. If you don't count the two contracts I had, but terminated, with a previous publisher. 
Even if you research your intended publisher with extreme care, every author takes a risk, when sending or accepting a contract offer. 
Good luck everyone

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Votes for Tiger Mine

Tiger Mine has been entered into the RWAustralia cover competition, and I need votes.

Yes, I know, bad me for soliciting votes, but how can you blame me? Tiger Mine has a fantastic cover!

What red blooded woman doesn't drool, er.. I mean like Jimmy Thomas?

Anyway, if you have a spare moment, click on this link, put in the password [covers2012] and vote for Tiger Mine, please.

Love you all
Angela Castle

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sin's City Now Available

Proud to announce the release of my newest title. Sin's City: Moon Shadow's book 2. The sequel to Moonlight Captivation.

Friday, June 29, 2012


Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Congratulations to author Angela Castle, who has just been named Torrid Books’ AUTHOR OF THE YEAR,
Kudos to Ms. Castle for these outstanding achievements! This is only the second time in nine years Torrid Books has named an Author Of The Year (the first was author Linda Mooney), and is in recognition of the amazing success of the Kelon Warriors series throughout 2011 and into 2012. All four Kelon Warriors titles reached the Torrid Books Number One Bestseller position, topping the Torrid Books Bestseller list 14 consecutive months! 

Have you missed out on all the excitement? In celebration of Angela Castle’s awards, you can buy ABDUCTING ALICE: WARRIORS OF KELON BOOK 1 for just 99 cents throughout the month of July at Torrid Books, a great way to start the incredible Kelon Series!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Yup, Tiger Mine is out now.... 

So is Moonlight Captivation!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tiger Mine Excerpt

It is drawing closer to the release of Tiger Mine. When I wrote this story, I fell in love with my characters, and it was hard to let go, once finished. Once released I hope the readers will fall in love with them too.

Tiger Mine comes out on the 21st of April at Rogue Phoenix Press

Here is a small excerpt of my story:
Desperation was becoming a prevalent emotion in Mohan's life. With each passing moment, he slipped deeper into the unwanted state.
His food supply was limited, and he grew weaker with each passing week. Soon, he would be forced into the situation of journeying back into the human populace. It was dangerous for a creature in his situation.
As long as he remained in animal form, he had a chance of surviving. Yet, with each necessary shift to his human side, he grew weaker. His body ached with a gnawing hunger. Even in the warm climate of this new land, he was cold.
Mohan had been fortunate to find shelter; an old, abandoned farmhouse. It had several rooms and would have once been a comfortable home. Someone had left it to the ravages of time and was in need of much repair.
He would restore it if he had the resources. For now, it was a roof over his head and kept out the chill of the cold mountain nights. Still, even with a full blaze in the solid stone fireplace, it only partially kept the chill from his bones.
He had nothing with which to trade, nothing to barter, and he had limited English. All he would need to do was open his mouth to speak, and they would know he was not of this land. The clothes on his back he had taken from a pile discarded next to a large bin on a seaside street, near where he had come ashore. By day he had walked over many fertile, abundant fields through strange forests. As darkness fell, he had shifted and used the strength of his animal form. He hunted rabbits to help him continue on. As he moved further away from people and higher into the mountains, the safer he began to feel.
Stumbling across the farmhouse had been an answer to an unspoken prayer. He had collapsed in the old building, staying still until his exhaustion had faded.
His sleep was fitful, filled with nightmare images. The smells and screams in his head plagued him. He would never forget the pain and helplessness of everything he'd been forced to endure.
Why did he fight for survival when he had nothing to live for?
Mohan's natural instincts were more often a curse than a blessing. It was only natural to fight to survive.
The late afternoon sun filtered through the mountain trees. Already the air was beginning to cool.
Counting the days, he knew a few months had passed since he'd come to be here. His clothes
were tattered and worn thin. He balanced the heavy load of wood he had collected for the fire. When dusk fell, he would hunt rabbits to feed his hunger then settle for the night.
He was still a distance from his cottage. His feet easily found the track back to his shelter. Deep in thought, he had not heard anyone or anything approach. His hearing was less acute while he was in human form.
He froze at the line of trees surrounding the old house. There was a large dark vehicle parked out front and attached to the back was a covered trailer.
Quietly, he lowered himself into a crouch and set down the wood. His eyes trained on the open door of the house. A figure appeared there. The baggy, pale blue, short-sleeved top and jeans did not hide the fact the wearer was a generously curved woman. A cascade of light auburn hair fell about her shoulders, gleaming in the last of the fading sunlight.
He noticed the old tarp he'd been sleeping on was carelessly tossed out and now lay by the end of the porch, along with a heap of old ruined and unusable furniture.
Mohan's jaw clenched in displeasure. What was he going to sleep on now? He waited and continued his observations.
There was no one else as far as he could tell. The woman proceeded to unpack the trailer, carrying box after box into his current home.
It was clear he had just lost his shelter. There would be no fire to warm his side tonight. He would be forced to move on.
Rising to his feet, Mohan curled his fingers so tightly around the slim tree by his side his whole hand throbbed. He welcomed the pain as he battled to bring his anger under control.
Forced. He was so tired of being forced to do things he did not want to do. He needed to regain some control, take back the little comfort he had managed to claim as his. Mohan faded unseen into the thick of the trees. He would wait until dark. He would not give up his new home so easily, and one lone woman would not stand in his way.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Yay! Some of my books are now available


Friday, March 2, 2012

Tiger Mine

Who doesn't love the gorgeous Jimmy Thomas, the cover itself was done by the talented Gemini Judson.
Tiger Mine is due out mid to late April with Rogue Phoenix Press
Licking her wounds after ending an eight year marriage to a serial cheating husband, Julia has run away to her grandfather's house high in the Australian Mountains, hoping to fix the old neglected building up while she contemplates her future. Only to discover a huge white Siberian tiger on her door step.Tiger shifter Mohan has escaped, jumped ship and is in hiding, from the hunter who has ripped him from his world, and murdered those he loved.When a curvy Aussie woman turns up to the old house he’s managed to shelter in these past weeks. He offers his services as a builder by day, returning to her by night as a tiger.Despite the strong attraction he has trouble fighting, what he discovers in Julia is a new kind of warmth and kindness he is in desperate need of.Julia knows her gorgeous Russian handyman, is harbouring dark secrets, but can her heart stand falling in love and losing again?Can they help each other mend the deeper issues which plague their lives? And bring hope of a new future. Or will Mohan’s past hunt him down and tear the new fragile bond between them.

Catching Up With Exciting News

So much happening, take a deep breath, cose this may take a while. LOL.

First, Dangerous Moonlight and Destined Hearts are no longer available, my contract with cobblestone has been nixed. But don't worry the stories will be re-edited re-named and will be finding a new home

Tiger Mine, will be coming in Mid to Late April.

Also Sin's City has been Sold to Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. Due out on the 15th of May. Great Birthday present.

I've been busy writing a sexy new shifter book, A Purrfect Plan, it's been submitted, holding my breath waiting.

Also the call for another Kingdom of Kell book has been on the top of my list of projects. Healing Fire is now finished and being prepared for submission.

Last but not least, a semi-sequel to Dragon Down Under, a short story is also on the cards for Whiskey Creek.
And to think we're only at the start of March.
Cheers and hugs