Friday, October 29, 2010

Blue Fire Reviewed by Night Owl Reviews.

May be I am overly excited, but heck, I don't care, it is my right to be exited that I got a great review from Night Owl.

I have been biting my nails, wondering what others would say about my work, and thrilled to see that people actually like it! LOL.

Any Hoo.. here is the review link

Read away!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Great Sunday Out

Sunday was a great productive day. I travelled down by train to Melbourne to meet and join in with the Melbourne Romantic Writers guild. I found them a wonderful bunch of ladies, I learned so much, they helped me with something I groan and avoid doing at all costs, writing synopsis.

I can say that it's not so scary any more, I am even looking forward to writing my next synopsis, which i will be tackling with more enthusiasm very soon.

I am looking forward to my next meeting and learning even more.

On book news I have submitted 'Blood Rich' to the publisher and now once again on the waiting game. It seems things are different once you become an 'In House' author. They kind of let you skip through the other process, and want to read your word before non in house writers. That's fine by me.

'Dragon Down under has reached chapter Thirteen, although I am uncertain of some of the wording and flow, but I always heed the advice of my writing friend when he told me to just finish the book then check, change and edit after.

Today I'm going into look at getting some business cards printed out, so when I start verbally advertising myself and my books I have something to hand them as well.

Well time to get stuck into it.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Great Work!

There is nothing like the trill and excitement of getting your new book cover, the artist Cris Griffin, did a fantastic job, and yes, pun indented I am Over the Moon. September saw great book sales, and I am waiting on a review of Blue Fire, which makes me a lot nervous, but sometimes you have to get stick your neck out, in order to get noticed.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hard Work

I realised today that, I was avoiding doing any writing on Dragon Down Under because, I was finding it difficult. Wishing I could get just go into dream land and let it flow out naturally.
Not going to happen each word has to be thought out and written down, little technicalities need to be worked out, and things need to be thought about. It all boils down to hard work.

Secondly I was thinking, ghee I'll never get it all finished, but again I was wrong. Like my other books they have been finished, that I need to ease up, learn some more patients and relax in the fact that they will be finished. I do have confidence in my ability to finish a book, because I have proven to myself over and over I can do it.