Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dangerous Moonlight Questions

I’ve had a few people asking about my Moon Shadow series, so I’ll answer the questions.
When is your next book coming out? Well, hard to say, I have been working on Dangerous Moonlight 2, working title Sin’s City. It is near completion; I have a few loose ends to tighten up before I can do a vigorous edit and submit it to Cobblestone Press.
Where did I get the Idea for the story? Neman is based on a real life man I know, who is a hero every day in my books; he is actually a body guard for a prince in an Arab country. He’s got a great bod, and a sweetheart to boot.
I am a hug mythology fan, but avoided the Greek gods as they have way to many stories. I though ancient Sumerian gods were a good target for a story and spent a good month researching them.
Vanessa is a woman after my own heart, fun sassy and everything I wish I could be, she was fun to write, along with all the other characters in the book.
It was my intention to have a fun sexy romance that would make you laugh, and if it’s done that, my mission is complete!
Will you write more in the series? Yes, I’ve already started a second dragon book which will fall under the Moon Shadows series, I have two more planned using the characters from the original story.
If there are, any other questions write and let me know.

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