Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm a Best Seller!

Opening e-mails are always fun, but getting one from your publishers informing you, your their best seller this month, was such a rush, my family though I'd harmed myself, from the excited shriek I let out!

Go figure, Abducting Alice, (which was rejected by a few publishers) before Whiskey Creek Press Torrid picked it up, is a Best Seller.

It make me proud that my work is, not only selling well, that people are enjoying it all over the world, that my efforts, neglected house (at times) is not all for nort.

What next? I'm sure I'll be trippin' on this high for a while, and bragging about it to EVERYONE, but I've still got to knuckle down and finish my other writing projects.

And for anyone who didn't hear my shriek earlier today YOOOOO HOOOO!

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Busy Week

Fans of Blue Fire, there is a Sequel! Stealing Fire will be coming to Rogue Phoenix Press. Stealing Fire picks up where it was left off, with a duel romance and story intertwined and hopefully just as enjoyable as Blue Fire is.

There is a release date for Destined Hearts: Vampires of Archalon. 4th Feb, watch out at Cobblestone Press for that hot title.

Not sure when Keeping Katie is coming, it's still in the publisher pipe lines at the moment.

Now all I am waiting on is to hear back from Whiskey Creek Press concerning Tempting Tara, the sequel to Abducting Alice.

My PC broke down so I am in the process of obtaining a new one, and when your an obsessive writer, not having a word process can drive you insane at time. Fingers crossed the new one comes soon. And thank goodness I do back ups!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Book Cover

She has done it again, the fab Christen Griffin, produced a fabulous cover for my Vampire book Destined Hearts.

I am thrilled, and now look forward to the release of my book, with Cobblestone Press.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

I suppose I don’t have to remind you or myself what a bad blogger I am.

New book out, Abducting Alice, I've been getting some great feed back so far.

A great new review for Blue Fire

I've working on edits for two new books with Rouge Phoenix Press, and Cobblestone Press.

I’ve been working on edits for dragon down under, and trust me it needs a lot of work. Also I’ve re-opened my NaNoWrMo novel, and have started editing. I want to get it polished and up to submission standards.

Among that I’ve been writing bits of Sin’s City the second installment to Dangerous Moonlight, Trying to finish the third of my Kelon series. Sounds busy?
Well I also have two part time jobs, and a house and family to look after… Phew, I feel exhausted just writing all this down.

It’s going to be a full fun year! Yay, at least life is not dull! hahaha