Friday, March 2, 2012

Catching Up With Exciting News

So much happening, take a deep breath, cose this may take a while. LOL.

First, Dangerous Moonlight and Destined Hearts are no longer available, my contract with cobblestone has been nixed. But don't worry the stories will be re-edited re-named and will be finding a new home

Tiger Mine, will be coming in Mid to Late April.

Also Sin's City has been Sold to Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. Due out on the 15th of May. Great Birthday present.

I've been busy writing a sexy new shifter book, A Purrfect Plan, it's been submitted, holding my breath waiting.

Also the call for another Kingdom of Kell book has been on the top of my list of projects. Healing Fire is now finished and being prepared for submission.

Last but not least, a semi-sequel to Dragon Down Under, a short story is also on the cards for Whiskey Creek.
And to think we're only at the start of March.
Cheers and hugs

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