Thursday, March 14, 2013

Angela Castle Update

I get a lot of reader's asking what I'm working on and what will be coming out soon. So here's an up date of what's happening and what I've been doing.

First off Galactic Treasure: Quads of Galafrax 2 will be out, (hopefully) on March 28th.

At the moment, I'm currently working on a few projects. One is The Purrfect Picture. Which I hope to have finished and submitted in the next few weeks. There is also a new Sci-Fi story, one on which I've been working on for around two years, The Emperors New Nightingale.

The next on my list to get stuck into is Golden Fire: Kingdom of Kell 4. Blossom's story, which I have started. It may have to wait until the middle of the year.

I do have a rather long.. TBR= To Be Written, Pile. I will keep on writing and hopefully people will keep on reading.

At the end of April I'm off to the USA. Visiting friends and fans, and general site seeing. Something I'm really looking forward too.

With family life and (yes I do work other than writing) on occasion. Life's been busy.

Cheers.... Angela

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  1. I'm looking forward to reading the upcoming new books! :)