Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Give away Playing cards - Tell me Why!

Calling all my readers!

I've got some cool stuff to give away, Purrfect Predicament : Australian Shifters book 3 Playing cards. 
So... Tell me in your own words, Which of my book heros'(s) or Heroine's you'd to date and why?

I'll read all the comments and pick a few winner on Wednesday the 17th of September.

So please leave a contact email!

Much love

Angela Castle.


  1. I really love the hero from Shield, he is so sweet and loving! I would date him in a heartbeat. Made me fall in love with your books. My email is: jonellamoore@gmail.com

  2. The Hero that I would absolutely LOVE to date would be River Black from The Purrfect Plan. He is so incredibly Sexy. He is sure footed and oh so confident. He knows the minute he sees (and smells) Storm that he HAS indeed found his perfect mate. I loved that he just did not let Storm have her one night stand and go on his way. He knew what he wanted and went after it (her). A man that is willing to risk all for the love of his life is the most sexy thing on Earth. Regards, Jule Kijek Email: julesrules1958@yahoo.com