Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Between Feather and Fur - Coming soon

Proud to announce my new book, coming early December.

Between Feather and Fur: Gryphon Melds 1 

Suffering years of mental abuse at the hands of her boyfriend, Arial is haunted by a sense of worthlessness and depression. She flees in a desperate bid to start a new life, and takes a chance by answering an ad in a old paper for a room to share. The last thing she expected was to meet not one, but two very sexy men.

As meld partners, Eagle shifter Ben and Lion shifter Steve have been searching for their one. The moment they meet Arial, they know she is theirs and the one to help them complete their meld into a Gryphon.

Under Ben and Steve's care, they bring Arial out of her darkness, showing her a world of love and magic. When Arial's ex tries to steal her from them. Feathers and Fur join together to claim back what belongs to the mighty Gryphon.


  1. When will the next gryphon melds be out

  2. Where can I purchase claw and roar ? been searching all over