Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday Season Down Under

When you live Down Under
Christmas may be behind you but you have a long hot month of holiday madness, where the kids drive you insane. You have to wait a whole five weeks for things to return to normal. New Years Eve is sitting around in Air Conditioned home or at the beach and BBQ waiting for the fire works to start, and your pets to run away.

Sparkly dresses! I think not, your way to Hot by the extreme weather or worried about the incoming bush fire. You wear your flip flops (or what Aussies call thongs) on your feet and shorts, tank tops or even swim clothes. Watching the kids play in the pool.

Other than that, nothing can get down the Aussie spirit or the excuse to throw another snag on the BBQ, or drink another beer, and celebrate with good mates.

Happy New Year to everyone in Northern or Southern Hemisphere!

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  1. Christmas and New Year in the summer seems really strange. Your sweating and we are stockpiling on the clothes.