Thursday, September 23, 2010

Keeping Busy

Finding time to write is never easy when you have a young family and work p/t. I tend to snatch moments when I can, and in the evening when all the little ones are in bed.

I have a new WIP Dragon Down Under, it's not really new I started it months back but I like to get a fair way in before deciding to put it up on me WIP list. Once it's up there I tend to focus on it until its completed. Dragon Down Under is a spin off from Dangerous Moonlight but can easily stand on it's own.

I've done another photo in my small photo shop program to help inspire my progress.

In other news Dangerous Moonlight is among the October releases, so far I'm assuming it will be late October as I've only just been assigned an editor.

There's a lot to the Cobblestone press and groups I have to learn about, but that's what I enjoy doing, learning always helps improve me.
I also have done a new video for Dangerous Moonlight I've posted to YouTube but needs some more work to correct a few errors.

I've Addad the link to my interview on Rouge Phoenix Press Blog

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