Monday, September 6, 2010


Hard work sweat, well maybe not the sweat, but most certainly the tears have gone into my books, along with a lot of frustration, giggles, groans and disappointments. Sounds just like life hey? But at least I know that it is starting to pay off.

Cobblestone Press have offered me a contract for 'Dangerous Moonlight' I am of course thrilled. That is two books in under a week now with a contract.

After the wonderful news of Whisky Creek Press accepting 'Abducting Alice' I dove in to finish the second book in my Kelon series. 'Tempting Tara'. Which I have completed, and now into the editing phase.

I have already decided there will be a third book but probably no more after that. I want to then focus on the second book to 'Dangerous Moonlight'. Delving into the world of dragons. Should be fun.

More fun with the photo shop for my WIP of 'Tempting Tara.'

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