Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Learning Curve

Everything that I read and write is a continues learning curve. I work hard at trying to improve my craft with every step.

I've been reading editor blogs today, from various sites. Hoping to get that special 'tip' that will help make my next submission stand out from the rest.

Since I got serious about wanting to be published, I became more serious about my education especially concerning spelling, grammar and punctuation. Of which I am hopeless, but with hard work and dedication I am slowly improving. But I still adore the person who created spell check!

The last few days have seen me working hard on 'Dangerous Moonlight.' My proofreader has been great in clearly pointing out my main writing errors.

I've also been working slowly on 'Blood Rich' this book has a darker tone than 'Dangerous Moonlight' but still I haven't been able to help slip a few bits of humor in.

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