Saturday, May 22, 2010

Story Flow

Sometimes it flows and sometimes it doesn't, which I think I've mentioned before. I have quite a few projects I have started and have struggled to get more than a few chapters in. I'm amazed I have actually managed to finish some of my books. But I do, even if those starts get left unfinished for a while.

A new book I started a few days ago, is going better than any of my previous 'starters' I feel inspired to just keep writing, and writing. All the while wondering if it going to be good enough.

I have to have a little more confidence in my abilities, with each story I start, I feel the learning curve happening, my work improving.

I'm proud to say I wrote over two thousand words yesterday, a whole chapter and a bit, I know it's only one chapter, but I had to keep going back over it to make sure it sounded right. Slow and painful at times but it gets the desired result in the end. A good story.

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