Wednesday, June 30, 2010


It's hard to remember everything I have to do in a day, so blogging is probably last on the list. As the infrequency of my blogging.

So to what I have been doing writing wise, I have been working on another round of editing on Blue-Fire, (thanks to my editor have learnt a heck of a lot). I got chapter 10 finished of Blood Rich, and finally moved on to chapter 11. I'm having a few plot issues, so need to figure those out before I can move forward.

Also started a second instalment to Blue-Fire, but not sure where that is going either. I really must stop, starting new books until I have finished a heap of my other works in progress first.

Dangerous Moonlight was submitted to two separate excellent publishers, I got a email from on saying they have put it on an 'acquiring list' I think that means they will simply have a closer look at it, but that could take any where up to six months! Sigh. Yes, patients is a virtue. Until then I will keep my nose down and keep writing my next master piece, well one day one of my books will be a Master Piece. You have to have some confidence in your abilities to succeed.

I've added another of my Photo shop pics to help keep me inspired, this one is for 'Blood Rich'.

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