Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Funny thing about hero worship

And no, I don't mean the hero's in my books, I mean everyday people out there doing what you admire and wish you were doing yourself.
I had a person I have admired and envied for a long time talk to me last night. I got a giddy thrill from the fact that this wonderful person to want to know me and interact.
I could name throw but my ego is inflated enough as it is.
But it got me thinking about hero worship and how we take or learn from them.

For myself I don't think its good enough to sit back and simply watch what they do, and go, 'oh, yeah, aren't they great'.
You have to become your own hero, instead of wishing, get out there and live your dream.

Turn yourself into someone you admire. Live your dream instead of simply dreaming.
But I can't there are so many things standing in my way, I don't have skills. I've heard so many people say.
I personally lack in so many skills, heck I can't spell, nor is my grammar and punctuation up to scratch, but have I let it stand in my way of becoming a successful writer? Hell no. There is always a way.

So, go on and get out there and do it.
Phew, I feel exhausted from that rant now, time for a cuppa tea and some story writing.

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  1. I so agree with you. No one should let anyone or anything stand in the way of their dreams. I see so many kids, demoralized, poor and hopeless. Some of them use it as an excuse and others dream big and attain their dreams. Have fun writing.