Monday, May 16, 2011

What No Mop?

My old floor mop has seen better day, so as any good house keeper does goes into the big department store to find new one.
I knew what I wanted, and had visions of it dancing in my head as I pushed the trolly towards the cleaning product isle.
Upon arrival I scanned the very limited selections available alas not the mop I wanted. Yet sitting opposite was the desired brand of mop, bucket.
Confused I summoned a store worker to query her on where the mop to the bucket was.
“Oh we don’t stock those kind of mops anymore,” the store worker informed me.
“But you have the mop bucket,” said I, holding the red bucket up.
“Oh they can be used with other mops.”
“Really, which one?”
She scanned the line of shelves, and then said, “I guess we don’t stock those anymore either.”
Needless to say I left without any mop, feeling frustrated. For a huge department store that boast variety. They had nothing to offer.
Why talk about my mop shopping trip? No reason, just miffed. Oh and I did get the mop I wanted, in a tiny little supermarket in my home town. And I do have a very clean floor, Yay.

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