Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tempting Tara Sneek Peek.

With Ten days left until my second (small) book in the Kelon Warrior series comes out, here is a sneak peak.


“Hello, Pretty.”

Melron’s deep voice startled Tara, making her jump half off the bed. “Cripes, Melon, you scared me half to death!”

He was staring down on her from the foot of the bed. “How do you like my home planet?”

She twisted around to sit up on her knees, sucking in a breath as her eyes swept over him. He was out of his ship’s uniform; wearing a sandy-coloured tunic and black leather-like pants. His black warrior locks were bound back, reminding Tara of a swashbuckling pirate of old Earth. God, he was sexy. Dark, dangerous, that sense of the untamed just barely suppressed below the surface. Those sensual lips twisting up into a killer smile. Tara had trouble breathing let alone getting out a coherent sentence.

“From what I’ve um, seen so far I think it’s um, it’s nice.”

He leaned over the bed to hold out his hand to her. “Come with me.”

She stared at him. “Why?”

His smile never wavered. “Do you fear me?” He withdrew his hand.

“No,” Her chin rose. “But I don’t want you trying to lay claim again, either.”

“I will not do that until you are ready for me to do so, but I am not the only one who will attempt to lay claim. Come see.”

She frowned in confusion. He stepped back from the bed, allowing her space to climb off. He walked to the large glass window looking down into the street. She followed. There seemed to be a gathering of Kelon men outside the gates of the house.

“Who are they?”

“Suitors for you.”

Tara was outraged. “For me? But haven’t they been informed I’m not available.”

“Pretty Tara, the sooner you understand the Kelon way the sooner you will come to realise, you will never be ‘unavailable’ until you are mated.”

Her temper started to simmer. “Kerr said I could go back to Earth. Did he lie?”

“He will keep his promise, but more like he is hoping that you will not. You must know they will not give up until you are taken.”

She refused to look at him; she knew damn well that if he propositioned her again she would have a hard time denying him. She was still trying hard to turn her lust for Melron into outrage.

“This is your entire fault,” she accused, keeping her gaze on the window, not really seeing anything. She was too acutely aware of the man beside her.

“Do you really want your freedom, pretty Tara?”

She felt him shift, his eyes watching her. He gently cupped her chin to turn and tilt her head up. Even the simplest of touches sent races of electric jolts though her body. She had to focus on what he had said, on what he was getting at.

“You are but a prisoner here, Tara; you will not be able to go anywhere without protection, from them.”

“What about protection from you!” she snapped, pulling back from his grasp.

“I do not think you need that. You know as well as I, that you belong with me.”

“The hell I do!” Denial thumped at the back of her head, even if her body was on fire. She couldn’t get past him. His large, muscled frame blocked the path from the window to the door. As she inched backward, he came forward until she hit the wall.

“No, my pretty, hear me. I have a plan for you that will give you freedom while you are here on Kelon.”

She swallowed, her eyes glued to the rippling wall of muscled chest before moving up to his face and fixing on his lips. Her tongue darted out to moisten her own.

“Plan?” Her gaze shifted a little further up to his starlight depths.

“You will spend your time with me.” She frowned at him. “Tell Kerr you are considering me as a mate and want to spend time with me before clarifying your choice. If you still do not desire me after the fourth cycle, then I will make sure you are taken safely back to Earth.”

Tara thought about his words and the implications they carried. Could she spend all that time with Melron and not be affected?

“What would that entail exactly?”

“You would be in my home under my protection. I will take you wherever you wish to go on Kelon, or off world. I have a short range skimmer ship.” His black eyes skimmed down her body in a possessive gesture. “With your implant we could indulge in pleasures without it being a permanent mating.” His voice had dropped into a husky tone. She couldn’t suppress a shudder at the sensual promise of his words.

“So, if I still say no after the four weeks, you’ll just let me go home?”

“You have my oath as a Kelon warrior.”

She nervously licked her lips. “What if someone else takes my fancy other than you?” She knew it was hardly possible, but couldn’t stop herself from asking just to see his reaction.

An angry, dangerous look flashed across his face; his lips pressed into a thin line. Gone were any traces of humour. He drew in a steady breath as if trying to calm himself.

“That is of course your choice.” He spoke the words but she knew from his reaction he wouldn’t allow her to get even near another Kelon male. She would be protected from the gathering outside. Be a prisoner here in Kerr and Alice’s home or get out and about with Melron. Not to mention she’d get to taste of all that brawn and muscle. It was not a bad plan. Tara actually smiled at him for the first time since they had taken her from Earth. Hell yeah, a frigging great plan, hot sex with a hot alien. No strings attached.

“All right, I agree.”

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