Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You Have Been Compromised

Okay, so I get a phone call yesterday telling me one of my Visa cards has been compromised. I am first and for most a skeptic when people ring me or send me emails telling me there is a virus or I need to send my account details to them, or I have suddenly become the beneficiary of a few billion dollars from someone I never knew.
I said I would contact my branch, but sure enough it was genuine. (yes I was surprised)
But, when I asked the question, since when have you known about this compromise? As I have detected nothing out of the ordinary with my debit cards.
“Oh, for the past two years.”
So it’s taken my bank two years to inform me that my card details may have been skimmed, two years for them knowing about this and contact the possible victims. WTF!!!
Now I have inconvenienced of not being able to easily access my account while I am re-issued with another.
But to make matters ever better (yes, you can hear the sarcastic tone coming through) thirty min later I got a second Phone call from a separate bank telling me that my other Visa Debit card had been compromised!
Yes, it was the same story. Two years for them to inform me of it.
Keep a close check on your bank statements and cards, and rely on your own deduction, because the banks are bloody useless.

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