Saturday, May 8, 2010

Crazy Mind

My fingers can't seem to keep up with my mind, so many ideas so little time to write them down.
I'm thinking maybe I need something like Stephen King wrote in one of his books where a little machine takes the thoughts strait from the characters head and it types it self out... hahah would that be the easy way out. Not that it would make up for all the bad spelling and grammar ha!

No one said that being a writer was easy, it's darn hard work, and the most frustrating for me is patients. I have very little, I want to see all my ideas out and all my books written. But like the old sayings go... "Patients is a virtue and Good things come to those who wait.' I think in my case is good things comes to those who persevere.

I'm so bad with my writing, I was even sitting in church today jotting down plot notes for one of my new books 'Shadow of the Wolf.' getting the right twists and turns to keep it interesting isn't easy. I've never been good with conflict in my own life, so it makes it difficult for me to create them in my books. I hope I over come that little trait. After all you are only limited by your own imagination.

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