Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Editing Learning Curve

It's amazing what you can pick up after leaving your manuscript alone for a few days. You can stare at your work, and miss all those flaws, crutch words, purple proses and other things that shouldn't go near your work.

I haven't written a word in the last few days as I've had my head stuck in editing smoothing and polishing 'Blue-Fire' at the publishers request.

It's been a fantastic learning curve, it also means my next book 'Dangerous Moonlight' will be better and more thoroughly polished by the time I come to submit it.

The dreaded synopsis is getting there... hopefully gonna send it off to little critics team for evaluation, I know they are gonna rip it to pieces. But through the fire comes the most precious of metals... ooh gheehs talk about metaphors! eeek.


I'd better get back to it, there could be plenty of hours in the day if I wasnt required to sleep!

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